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hd2600xt pci-e fglrx mythbuntu 9.10 HDTV - configuring

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  • hd2600xt pci-e fglrx mythbuntu 9.10 HDTV - configuring

    Hi all, questions at the end!

    I'm having trouble getting my hdtv recognised properly by fglrx (using latest from ati website 10.2) on (myth)buntu 9.10 x64. I am using the DVI->HDMI dongle that came with the card to my Panasonic TH-42PZ70B (42" plasma, 1080p). And a hdmi cable of course!

    Almost everything works out the box (i.e. vanilla install) except the underscan of the image (have overscan off on the TV but even with it on, it still scales the image too much)

    I have installed fglrx manually following the unofficial ati wiki for karmic and it appears to be installed (fglrxinfo returns correctly) Unfortunatly it thinks my TV is a projector (DFP1 i think it said) so doesn't give me the overscan settings and it thinks my screen size is 63" diagonal which makes the ccc fonts unreadably small but fine for most other apps.

    Also, with the tv connected through hdmi and the dongle, it doesn't boot much past grub, just sits there before the mythbuntu splash screen. If i turn the tv off it springs into life!

    If i use a DVI->HDMI cable (i.e. not using the supplied dongle) then it works better and i can adjust the overscan settings in ccc but can't see anything on the screen until its booted (no POST, grub etc). I have other operating systems (OSx86) installed so kinda need to see grub otherwise i would just make do! If i didn't want to use my tv tuner cards i'd just use OSX as it works great on my pc and tv!

    I had been playing around with the aticonfig options trying to set up the card/display correctly but could do with a little guidance as to how it relates to xorg.conf and what files i should be focusing my efforts on getting right!


    1. Can i configure everything i should need by modifying xorg.conf or do i have to use aticonfig as well?

    2. How can i cleanly remove all traces of the ati drivers i have played with rather than a reinstall? On a previous instance i would delete xorg.conf and run aticonfig with the overscan settings changed but it never seemed to do anything.

    3. Can i get the driving and driver settings for my tv by probing it over the DVI->HDMI cable and force fglrx to use those settings for HDMI output over the DVI->HDMI dongle?

    4. Any idea why I can't see the boot process of my PC using the DVI->HDMI cable? I suspect HDCP issues as my other computer shows POST, grub menu etc fine using a GF 8800 and the same cable.

    I currently have mythbuntu installed and updated with catalyst 10.2. I have not run configs other than aticonfig --initial -f so its all pretty clean for now.

    Thanks to anyone who reads this far... this has been driving me mad for a while now - been flirting with mythtv for about 2 years now on and off, would love for it all to work so i can start using it properly!