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  • Originally posted by bridgman View Post
    The new 2D acceleration is not enabled by default yet; the 10.4 beta is still running the XAA code paths.

    People are using the driver on Lucid; check the "unminimize" bug report that was mentioned earlier. Some people are seeing a segfault (you are as well, aren't you ?); hoping we can accumulate enough reports to find a pattern and reproduce it in house.

    I have the segfaulting too (Sony Vaio E, Core i3 330M, 4GB RAM, ATI 5650 1GB) running on Ubuntu 10.4 Beta


    • Originally posted by TheWretched View Post
      I have the segfaulting too (Sony Vaio E, Core i3 330M, 4GB RAM, ATI 5650 1GB) running on Ubuntu 10.4 Beta

      ok, let's see what we've got:

      *) Catalyst 10.2: 2.6.33-zen*, Gentoo ~amd64, gcc 4.4.3 hardened (fstack-protector-all, fPIE), Sapphire 5770, P5W DH Deluxe, Core2Duo E6600; it doesn't matter whether you're using a empty xorg.conf without anything (or little) set at all or full blown with aiglx, texturedvideo, texturedxrender, etc. enabled ==> it's still segfaulting with compiz & kwin (opengl compositing)
      [<-- that was my old box]

      *) Catalyst 10.3 [xorg-server 1.6.5] & 10.4_pre [xorg-server 1.7.5] from Lucid Lynx: 2.6.33-zen*, Gentoo ~amd64, gcc 4.4.3 hardened (fstack-protector-all, fPIE), Manufactured by AMD 5850, H57 (Foxconn Bulldog II), Core i7 860
      [<-- new box]

      *) also happens on ~x86 (with gcc 4.3.4) on my new box

      *) I first suspected that it's triggered due to stricter scheduling (BFS CPU scheduler) but it also happens with CFS scheduler

      happens on
      *) ~x86, ~amd64
      *) core2 platform, core i7 platform
      *) 5770, 5850
      *) hardened, non-hardened [but both with fPIE at least on my OSes]
      *) xorg-server 1.6.5, 1.7.5
      *) Catalyst 10.2, 10.3, 10.4_pre (8.721), 10.3 (with openGL 4.0 support; should be 8.712.3.1)

      *) according to other reports on Ubuntu 10.04 & various configurations

      not sure if it can be isolated to 5xxx cards

      hope that helps !


      • I just wanted to make it a little bit clearer:

        segfault in my case means that X works & starts up but apps, that are dependent on opengl / acceleration (don't know it's exact name) get those segfaults

        so X == works
        acceleration & apps needing compositing == don't work

        examples: compiz, kwin (with opengl compositing; XRender although slow works), glxgears, glxinfo, googleearth, etc. etc.

        ==> error 7 segfault or something thereof