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Catalyst (fglrx) issues with XVideo

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    Originally posted by RealNC View Post
    Glitches: Minimizing an Xv window and restoring it again results in a blank window. Also, borderless windows with a size-grip in the Xv area will result in a glitch that spans the whole bottom length of the window (as high as the size grip.)
    nope, not on this computer.

    Originally posted by RealNC View Post
    All in one, OpenGL video is far superior with Catalyst and there's absolutely no reason (unless you can name one) to use Xv if your application supports OpenGL.
    -vo gl2 generates more CPU load and has some gfx corruption when going fullscreen. On this computer.

    Feel free to use what works best for you, but I'll stick with what works best for me. And so should tarzan


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      The only problem Xv has on my computer is tearing with videos. Nothing other than that. OpenGL is far more glitchy and produces more CPU load, but at least you can get rid of video tearing with it.


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        For fullhd opengl output can be really too slow with lowend cards.


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          It has been discussed to death that Xv has wrong colors. It has been confirmed officially too. It is not possible for it to have the correct color space :P

          But whatever, if you can't make out any difference then use Xv. The point is that it is impossible for it to be a better choice than gl. Just common sense here, nothing more.


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            Colors seem to be the same between fglrx and radeon. Maybe it's just certain video formats.


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              No RealNC is right. Fglrx uses ranges like 16-235 to represent RGB colors when doing colorspace conversion for Xv instead of 0-255. If you have gstreamer-tools installed, you can easily test this.

              gst-launch-0.10 videotestsrc pattern=white ! xvimagesink
              This should give you a white picture, as radeon ddx does, but fglrx gives you a grey picture.