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ATI Framebuffer Driver - Not vesafb

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  • ATI Framebuffer Driver - Not vesafb

    I've looked everywhere for a way to create a framebuffer using a current model ati card. I know the vesafb driver works but it doesn't allow any sort of control over the card from a register level. I'm not using xwindows so adding a driver there doesn't seem to do any good. I need a /dev/fb0 from the console. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    The Radeon KMS driver will offer you a framebuffer console. To get it, disable vesafb and enable the DRM driver for "radeon" and use "radeon.modeset=1" in Grub. You will also need an external firmware file for this to work. You can get it here:

    You will need at least kernel 2.6.32. Which of the two firmware files you need depends on your card (r600 vs r700 series card) and it's best to include the firmware in the kernel via its "external firmware" mechanism.