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Fglrx locks after startup

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  • Fglrx locks after startup

    I have just built a new system and the X server is locking up after the window manager draws the screen and the xserver has drawn the mouse pointer. Fglrx is cataylist 9-7, kernel is the same kernel and fglrx is working OK on another system but this does have an early xserver (7.3) this one is 7.4. No monitor details or mode lines are in xorg.conf so it is not that.
    I beleive I have seen this problem reported before but a search did not find anything.

    Help would be much apreciated. I have found fglrx OK once you get it going but getting it going on a new system...... Oh dear...

    I may not be able to reply to this message, in the past the forum for some reason will not let me post into a thread I have posted to before. May have to get a new login and see if that helps, May be it does not like Blacksmiths.

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    Why do you use 9-7 and not 9-12 hotfix?


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      Thanks for replying Kano much thanks.
      I tend to use what I know works, I have had significant amount of trouble getting new releases to work and these days will only upgrade if the release notes say there is a major improvement. I have never had any real complaints on the what fglrx does.
      On this system I did have a crack at getting the debian *9-12-1_i386.deb packages to work but did not have any luck quite possibly because the monitor a Mag MXP17F was to old and the driver could not read the EDID data it was sending out. I have now replaced it with a much latter NEC 19 inch.
      Going to have another crack tonight.


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        Can it be assumed that the debian packages are using Hotfix. The date on AMD's Hotfix message is Dec 16, time stamp on the files inside the debian packages is Dec 20. Going into town this morning will drop by the Internet cafe and grab 9-12-Hotfix any way.
        Note: Dialup internet access only out here.

        Real good news the forums are allowing me repeat posts at last.


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          Just use my script.


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            The script did not work,I am on dialup the script spent 8 hours down loading Hotfixs then exited with an error message some thing to the order of
            "Cannot find"
            Note: Do not know if I have the name quite right.

            The script then erased everything and said try again.

            I find this EXTREMELY frustrating the Linux developers do a wonderfull job particularly the Debian people but they do not appear to understand that some of us do NOT have broadband and cannot download such LARGE files (80Megbytes) at will.

            I will consider the situation I have an ASUS Nvidia 9600 may give that a try. :-(

            Note: I have been using Linux since 1993 (kernel 0.96d). I am familiar with building my own kernel and have submitted and had excepted bug fixes on a variety of projects including the FB driver in the kernel so I am prepared to give something advanced a try If I can find the right direction to face, but simply cannot keep running 9 hour scripts at will (My line time is $1.10 an hour).


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              Sorry, but i can not help you with download errors, it really only deletes the file when it can not be extracted. You can dl it somewhere else and put it in /usr/src - that's the position where it is expected. Btw. it is a zip file that contains the run file.
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                I may go into town to the internet cafe and download the hotfixes file the script was trying to get and put it in /usr/src which is where wget was putting it, That should mean the script will skip the downloading stage but what is this
                the script wants............ are, I see, its inside the Hotfix zip file.

                May be hope yet....... Does not inspire to much confidence in FGLRX though.



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                  Luckyly i have got broadband as the driver is really huge... Nvidia got bigger too with latest 195.xx series 32 bit from 15 to 24, 64 bit from 23 to 40 mb.

                  PS: best fetch latest Kanotix Excalibur too while you use broadband, i would visit a friend however...
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                    The Local town is 24 kilometers away, the cafe however does 160Kbtyes/sec on a good site so that up to around a cd's worth is OK. Anything more than around 8 to 10 meg at home I regard as hopeless. As usual I will keep pressing on, does get frustrating though from time to time.
                    One thing is that I need antaliasing for a project (Note: 1) I am currently working on so I am sort of stuck with the closed src drivers although I way prefer Open source.

                    Note: 1, The fine detail it produces being critcal for the app.