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AMD Catalyst 9.12 For Linux Released

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    Originally posted by V!NCENT View Post
    Whatever is causing that bug is not due to fglrx...
    It is fglrx:
    The only "fix" is the xserver no backfill workaround, but that then causes weird rendering artifacts.


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      Originally posted by unimatrix View Post
      It is fglrx:
      The only "fix" is the xserver no backfill workaround, but that then causes weird rendering artifacts.

      That's funny because when the changes were made I started noticing artifacts with fglrx. Before fglrx was artifact free and had fast response under composition. However, I can see why it was changed (problem that affects all xorg drivers vs. problem that affects fglrx).


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        Just tested in Gentoo. Installs fine with simply renaming the 9.11 ebuild to 9.12. Also seems to run fine with kernel 2.6.32 (the ebuild will patch it automatically to compile with that kernel.)


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          Can't get it to work on 2.6.32 kernel. Did you do anything special to get it working?


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            Unless you're on Gentoo, you need to apply the 2.6.32 compatibility patch by hand. It's this here:


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              9.12 XVBA is still broken? I'll stick with 9.10

              Hi yall,

              FGLRX 9.12 XVBA is still broken (thanx for the heads up Kano)? I'll stick with 9.10.

              Why release xvba support & then ignore it-your not making any sense?

              Hells bells.... While this may have been mentioned before (to whoever is managing the Linux driver team); why not fix the broken bits, rather than introducing new items????

              Linux users have been asking for proper video support for *many years*. Originally, in the forums on Rage3D & latterly, on Phoronix.

              More $$$$ needs to be put into the Linux driver team (thanx for the efforts guys!) and then like the muchly improved M$FT drivers, the bugs will be squashed. Hardly rocket science.... ;-)

              If you can not walk yet, why are you trying to run?

              *stutter* *stutter* *stutter* *stutter*

              Perhaps we can have a "hot fix" too, like the M$FT users got, with 9.12?



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                Originally posted by RealNC View Post
                Hahahaha, ahahaha, haha, ha...
                Sigh, I think xserver 1.7 support is the single thing many of us are waiting for :-/ AMD people, please rethink your priorities...

                And I dare ask, how about kernel support? I'm not hoping for anything high like .32, but at least .31, PLEASE?


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                  .31 is supported just fine.


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                    Flicker removal... Woooooow!

                    Flicker removal?

                    Hmmm... I know of a certain company who's like... you know, passing bugs for "features"...


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                      Does the control center have an option for NOT making HDMI my primary monitor!

                      I spent hours on this the other night, If I plug in my HDTV (hopefully as a secondary monitor) GDM extends across the whole thing (and is really low res) and no matter what I do with Xrandr or the control panel my gnome panels still end up over on the TV. I gave up in the end.