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FC7 Test 3 & Ati Mobility Radeon 9600/9700 Series (help needed)

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  • FC7 Test 3 & Ati Mobility Radeon 9600/9700 Series (help needed)

    Hello guys, I am new on these forums. I came here because I was googling for this and found Michael's blog somewhere.
    I have just installed Cedega and it says that I need a graphics driver. Then I realized I had to install these:
    • qt-devel
    • kernel-devel
    • kernel-headers

    But when installing the ATI driver like Michael said in his thread, it returns this:
     ATI Technologies Linux Driver Installer/Packager 
    Generating package: Fedora/F7
    Please install an appropriate Linux kernel module build package.
    The package(s) you need are likely kernel-devel and/or kernel-headers.
    If you've compiled a custom kernel, make sure /usr/src/linux exists
    and the source tree matches the currently running kernel.
    I tried making a symbolic link:
    ln -s /usr/src/kernels/2.6* /usr/src/linux
    But it still returns the same error.
    What could be the problem?

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    Did you compile the kernel yourself or using a stock RPM kernel?
    Michael Larabel


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      I did like you.I downloaded the newest linux graphics driver. I followed the guide like a slave. I linked to it above.

      EDIT: Oh, now I understand.. No, I just installed the latest FC7 Test 3 CD, then I used yum to download the kernels.
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        Then you need to do

        yum install kernel-headers kernel-devel
        Michael Larabel


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          I just did that, and it still does returns the same error (written above).
          I wrote this:
          ./ 8.33.6 --buildpkg Fedora/F7
          But the driver isn't actually version 8.33.6, can that be the problem?

          EDIT: I tried writing in the current version number. Still same error.


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            Then change 8.33.6 to whatever version you are using
            Michael Larabel


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              I am using 8.35.5. Still same error.


              I am thinking about just switching to FC6. This is my only problem though.
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                So is it still erroring you out on the kernel source? Otherwise it should present you with four RPMs and just not one. Be aware there is a Xorg bug with Rawhide unless you downgrade the Xorg server to F7T2 area.
                Michael Larabel


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                  yes, same error.

                  I do not wish to work with this. I am installing FC6. It should be my Personal Computer, not for testing

                  Lovely website btw!