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Is legacy fglrx ever going to be updated?

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  • Is legacy fglrx ever going to be updated?

    I am aware that AMD linux efforts are being switched over to
    developing quality open source drivers for legacy products.
    However, I also remember some promises of periodical bug fixes
    (every 3 months or so). Well, Windows XP got 9.8 legacy release,
    linux did not. Should we asume that no work is being done on
    that field and just switch over to xf86-video-ati/radeonhd?
    Anyone could shed some light on this?

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    in short:

    switch over

    read my second post on: and bridgman's answer


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      At the time we dropped support for 3xx-5xx GPUs I explained that we would be putting effort into the open source drivers rather than updating the legacy Linux drivers. The legacy driver plans were only for Windows.


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        Well, to be honest, I already did switch, I was just being
        a bit impatient because of lower performance and shorter
        battery life on my mobile X1250. However, AMD's open source
        efforts are the way to go - thanks for the info, though.