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AMD Catalyst 9.8 Delivers New Kernel Support

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  • Originally posted by forum1793 View Post
    You should definitely keep the bugs out of your wine. And we understand. Too much wine or beer can have interesting efekt.

    You, of course, speak (type) much better English than most of us do German. Now is time for us to practice. I want a grosses bier. You can see I have much more practicing to do.
    efekt ok..

    I'm not only bad in eglish i'm also bad in German!

    but if you want i can give you practice.

    "I want a grosses bier"

    Ich will ein grosses/gro?es Bier.

    But in german you can get a 0,4L or 0,5L or 1L for big/Grosses beer.

    its better to say the exact wight for example :

    so if you say I/Ich want/will a/ein Ma?/Mass/ein Litter Beer/Bier.

    thats exactly 1Litter beer or in very very old german 1,069 Liter beer.

    0,5L beer is half/halbe mass/Ma? Beer/Bier.

    0.2L is a glas beer / Ein Glas Bier

    0,4L is a big glas beer / ein Gro?es Glas Bier.

    in German we have Bierma?e

    Like Doppler/dubbler 2Litter beer or a Meterbier a lot of 0.2L beers 1meter 100cm of 0.2glasses...

    Germans are the world-Masters of triking Beer per person!

    Phantom circuit Sequence Reducer Dyslexia


    • Originally posted by GreekGeek View Post
      Hi all,

      fully support XvBA,

      @ Qaridarium; who said "full opensource and spec support for the UVD3 unit will come on the R900 series VGAs!" Well my German friend, I surely hope so! :-)


      GreekGeek :-)
      Full UVD3 support is wrong because no DHCP/DRM/bullshit

      XvBA= 9.9 is finish / 9.10 to much work no time /9.11 they decide abaut XvBA in 9.11

      i think if not 9.11/9.12 --->never! next time to hope=R900
      Phantom circuit Sequence Reducer Dyslexia


      • Quaridarium, you should stop giving lessons. Your german is worse than your english.

        Protip: spell check. Enable it.


        • Mein Deutsch ist auch nicht so gut, aber ich kann versuchen zu sprechen....oder schreiben.
          (I went to a cold little town on top of a mountain, with no train station, to work at a uni....and everybody just wanted to practice their english on me, so I didn't learn much German there).

          Back on topic, I still have no problems with the latest catalyst drivers, but haven't yet fixed up my broken system, so the installation is directly from amd's install scripts, not gentoo's. Once I have some free time, I'll do that and post what was causing my long standing amdcccle problem (just in case someone else has a similar issue).


          • cold little town? No train?



            • I like how you give that description and people instantly know what town it is. Yep, Clausthal!


              • well, I am living there so....

                and there aren't many universities in Germany fitting your description


                • Escape! Get out of there!
                  ....but keep using the local gentoo mirror, that one's pretty good.


                  • I am living here for 10 years. And I will stay here. My allergies love the place and the next lake is less than 500m away. Why should I go?


                    • Originally posted by GreekGeek View Post
                      That is what I and some few others have been waiting for. Now, I do recall, someplace hereabout Bridg(NO E !!)man (correct me if I'm wrong! :-) ), saything something like ATI would not fully support XvBA, cause of the way the hardware was done and its tie into a bain of the civilized world, Digital Rights Management or DRM.
                      What I said was that opening up UVD was difficult because of DRM linkage, and that if we did support the use of UVD it would most likely happen with the Catalyst driver first.