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ATI drivers fglrx 8.35.5 and 8.34.8 fail

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    Originally posted by wirechief View Post
    Thank you for this great information, I will add it to my tool bag.
    When I saw the install putting 64bit driver in, I groaned, I have had lots of trouble with them, the process is autoamted I did not manually download the driver, this is all a learning process for me. I did get help from the IRC and used sux in a new terminal session and have made the changes, I am just getting ready to re-run the code given by Michael
    I was able to recover by replacing the bad Xorg.conf with my saved copy of the original but still knowing about mcedit is very very helpfull again thank you.
    I re-ran the installer the results were basically the same however at first it didn't even start the X-server and made mention of the Flgr so I went into the Xorg.conf and removed that statement, then when i restarted it the cursor locked up on the upper left hand side, I returned and put it back but got the same results, I got the same results when i ran the fglrx installer, it all appears to work but then is unable to start the X-server. This time I saved a copy of the bad Xorg.conf just in case someone would like to look at it and compare with the good one.


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      Further testing revealed that my ATI1300Pro had issues with the on board Nvidia graphics chipset and was unable to make the driver work
      with it, removing the card and then installing the Nvidia graphics
      with's graphics card installion script as sgfxi -c provided the solution to my graphic card driver problem.
      One must boldly ask why should anyone buy into ATI graphics cards while they obvisously have so many problems.


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        Ok, this is ridiculous

        None of you seem to know what the xorg.conf options do, or even if they are actually options.

        First of all, I'm just showing this to point out that the extension AIGLX doesn't exist, it falls under the ServerLayout section. As you can see, apparently AIGLX is disabled but beryl still works.

        This is because AIGLX is not an extension you plug into the Extensions section. Also, AIGLX has absolutely no effect when Composite is off, so adding lines to disable it is just wasting space on your drive. If you want to see a list of available extensions, run xdpyinfo in a terminal and scroll up till you see the long list.

        RENDER is on by default and it is with all caps as shown when you run xdpyinfo. Disabling RENDER has to be utterly stupid as it handles font anti aliasing and the mouse cursor. Disabling in most cases leaves your desktop looking mad ugly.
        DAMAGE is apparently also on and Composite is off by default, so what does this leave us? Your "optimized" xorg.conf would include this

        Section "Extensions"
        Suprise!! Nothing.

        Oh and regarding boolean options like Composite, this is all the same for true.
        Option "Composite"
        Option "Composite" "1"
        Option "Composite" "on"
        Option "Composite" "true"
        Option "Composite" "enable"
        Now you are thinking, well how do I get fglrx faster? Well, you really can't. ATi is clever so they decided to make their driver so unuseable you can't even optimize its configuration.

        However, you can try using the option "UseFastTLS" "1" (its an integer not boolean) in the device section, but I did not notice any fps difference.


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          "" None of you seem to know what the xorg.conf options do, or even if they are actually options""

          Can you quote this at #xorg

          I need a good laugh for today !!!


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            I've always used vi from the console when x won't start... is mcedit easier to use ?
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