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  • Red Blog - 11-Way Comparison

    Hi Michael,

    Just asking about the 11-way driver comparison. Specifically, The image in the first column. Is there graphical corruption on some of the 3D rendering from the images you took? Seems like there's a weird extra thin strip of 'skin' that is rendered after what looks like an human elbow.

    It seems like that weird graphical glitch appears on one driver and disappears on the next one.

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    The image in the first column was from Doom 3 when the player had his fists drawn and was standing in front of the wall. To be life-like with breathing, the hands do move a bit, so due to a very minor timing issue, you may be seeing more of his fingers.
    Michael Larabel


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      I suggest that the numbers be plotted in a graph form. It's much easier to see the changes. But for now, I think numbers will do since there's not much substantial gain in anything.

      Can you do a benchmark on different configurations as well? AA and AF? Different resolutions... and perhaps, non-id Soft games... perhaps Cold War, or maybe even Unreal Tournament.

      I read Serious Sam 2 Linux client will soon be out, if you can get your hands with one and try the drivers with it, that would be AWESOME!