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BUG : switching from console to X causes problems

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  • BUG : switching from console to X causes problems

    i recently picked up darkplaces and kmquake2. out of pure quake nostalgia :]

    the first is an enhanced Quake engine, the latter - enhanced Quake2 engine.

    both have problems when switching to text console ingame and switching back.

    darkplaces - most world textures become black. reloading a level fixes the problem.

    some crappy screens illustrating the problem - here

    kmquake2 - game stops with "network cable disconnected" icon on top of the screen. text is invisible in menus. menus work but the game is stopped.

    the first problem appeared in 8.35. the second was around in 8.34.

    my xorg.conf snippet :

    Section "Device"
    	Identifier  	"Card0"
    	Driver      	"fglrx"
    	VendorName  	"ATI Technologies Inc"
    	BoardName   	"Radeon X1300Pro (PCIE)"
            Option          "RenderAccel" "on" 
    	Option	    	"VideoOverlay" "on"
    	Option	    	"TexturedVideo" "on"
    	Option	    	"DRI" "true"
    	Option		"UseFastTLS" "2"
    any clues what might be wrong?

    is that kind of problem eligible for ati unofficial bugzilla? i already reported darkplaces problem, but then i thought again, maybe i should search for solution more and then ask the engine developers before reporting?