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Mobility X3650 (T500)?

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  • Mobility X3650 (T500)?

    I want to buy T500 with ATi Mobility HD3650.
    In Catalyst 9.6 release notes there's Mobility X3650. Is it the same as Mobility HD3650?

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    Yes, that sounds like a typo in the release notes.


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      I did have a lot of trouble using this graphics chip on a HP Elitebook 8530p:

      The issues are sorted out more or less on my openSUSE 11.1 64-bit install. I use Catalyst 9.5, because version 9.6 seems to be a bit unstable and sometimes sluggish on my system.

      I should add, however, that when I want to use desktop effects under KDE 4.x I am still hit by this issue (sluggish maximizing and resizing windows, and bad video performance (video playing with changing speed, not well synchronized with audio. As a non-native speaker I have a question: Is this called tearing?).

      There are workarounds for the slow window resizing issue (for Ubuntu: search for "no backfill PPA", on openSUSE I compiled my own set of xorg packages including the respective changes). However, the problem with the video output prevails.


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        I'll take a chance.
        It has also integrated Intel graphic and I believe (or I want to believe) that this ati will work one day without errors.