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TV Out with X600

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  • TV Out with X600

    I have an X600 on Ubuntu 6.10.
    And I'm trying to use the S-Video out to watch TV on my TV, using MythTV.
    If I have the TV plugged in, I can see everything that's on the screen normally, but when I go to watch TV, I just get blue on the TV, but it works on the monitor.
    If I try I try to watch TV with just the S-Video installed, I get: "Floating point exception (core dumped)" when launching the MythTV client.
    If any one can help me, it would be most appreciated!

    Edit: Also, I'm using the latest drivers, 8.35.5. Thank you.

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    Because you are trying to play video on both the monitor and tv. If you set your tv as primary and the monitor as secondary, the video would show up on your tv and the blue screen on your monitor. I think if you use OpenGL output it works as clone. Otherwise, big desktop or dual-head to have the video on only one screen, but when you use Xv acceleration the video on tvout is cropped. Welcome to the club