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  • DFI RS482 integrated X200


    I recently purchased a DFI RS482 motherboard and built a machine to learn linux on. I chose this motherboard because of the onboard video -- I figured it would save me some money having the onboard X200 video card. However, I'm at my wits end trying to get the drivers installed for the card.

    While it might seem pretty obvious to you guys, I've got a couple of questions who's answers might save me from clicking on the buy button for an nVidia card. If you guys have a moment, I'd appreciate it if you could lend me a hand.

    1: I upgraded my kernel using yum (yum update kernel kernel-devel kernel-headers). I believe the version is, but I could be slightly off. Now, through out my troubleshooting process, I've come across a few articles that imply that the newest drivers (8.34?) aren't compatible with this kernel. Is that true?

    2: On the ATI download page, there are two links. One for an RPM for XFree and Xorg, and one for an automatic installation script. I downloaded both and have been trying to build FC6 packages from the script. But on my way to work this morning I started thinkg... do I need the Xorg RPM installed before I can generate the packages, or is that the RPM "pre-generated" for me?

    I'm just really frustrated. I know I bought it for a learning experience, but wow -- just wow! It's all very intimidating and there is so much information out there it's hard to tell what is applicable to the versions that I'm running.

    I'm running Fedora Core 6_64. I've also tried it on the 32bit version. With the symbolic link trick, I was able to compile the control panel from the source. It starts to build the RPMs then errors out (I will past the exact error in here later, if people are interested) after a little while. I figured I've done so much to the system at this point, I'd be best to start over again. Before doing that, I wanted to ask the questions above.

    Thanks for any help you can offer. As a noob, I do appreciate the assistance as well as your patience. Hopefully I'll be able to answer some questions here in a few months!

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    With Fedora Core 6, the 8.34 driver does not contain 2.6.20 support. However, the new 8.35 drivers coming out this week do contain the support and will work (I maintain the Fedora scripts).

    Don't mess with the RPMs from Download the automatic installer and then run the installer using:

    ./ --buildpkg Fedora/FC6

    If any questions, just post. Though ultimately you may want to wait for the new driver this week.
    Michael Larabel


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      Originally posted by Michael View Post
      With Fedora Core 6, the 8.34 driver does not contain 2.6.20 support.

      Fast response with EXACTLY what I was looking for.

      Thanks again!