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Question about my x1600xt

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  • Question about my x1600xt

    Hey, I've got a x1600xt (agp) and I know ATI's drivers aren't all that great hehe. I also have a geforce fx5500. So basically, in linux in games such as Nexuiz and Quake 3, the x1600xt has a harder time keeping a decent framerate than the fx5500. Its framerate ranges from 40-130 since I have it capped at 130 in Quake 3. Its much worse in Nexuiz however, it never seems to go above 60 very often. I have tested with various settings from no shaders to shaders, and tested head to head against the fx5500.

    The resolution I run is 1280x1024, now the fx5500 is about equal in alot of cases, and in some cases such as Nexuiz, presents greater framerate to the x1600xt. Is it just me, or are the ATI drivers really holding it back that much? I am experienced with linux but this ATI card's performance puzzles me.

    I've also tested the x1600xt in windows and it blows the fx5500 away there. The x1600xt I have is also the gddr3 version. So basically, I'm curious of other people's experiences with x1k series cards.

    Maybe I'm expecting too much of ATI's linux driver performance, but I would expect a card two generations higher thats also a mid ranged card against a low end card thats two generations away to win in either case. But that doesn't seem to be the case here. The FX tends to come out on top most of the time. If you guys want me to do some benchmarks for more exact numbers, I can do that.


    Well after doing some more testing, its official, x1k support is definitely kind of yucky at the moment in some cases, but we're getting a whole new revamped glx driver soon from AMD so lets just hope this is the cure..
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    A new Phoronix article will be out this week that addresses some of your questions and concerns.
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      Originally posted by Malikith View Post
      ...but we're getting a whole new revamped glx driver soon from AMD so lets just hope this is the cure..
      Are you hinting about the much-rumoured-but-never-confirmed Project Orca?

      I'd appreciate any links or other information you have, because I have never been able to find any kind of useful information about this -- apart from the fact that it is an OpenGL re-write.

      I actually hold high hopes that Project Orca will resolve some of the IP issues that prevent the opening of fglrx, but I could be getting overly optimistic here.