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Apple Moving Back to ATI?

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  • Apple Moving Back to ATI?

    Not that this is Linux news, but it is potentially good new none the less.

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    lol, I wouldn't put too much faith in that. Take a look at the source of the rumor, Charlie from the Inq runs


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      You may be on to something, I don't know who that person is and have no idea what sort of reputation he has. But I do know Arstechnica, and they do good work.


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        Charlie has a tendency to be hyperbolic, but his work on the defective nVidia chips has been more correct than not.


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          Pretty much jives with what my old contacts @ apple say as well.


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            Well it would be a bit hard to replace onboard gfx solutions by ATI chipsets as there are no chipsets for Intel CPUs. Dedicated gfx chips should be no problem to exchange however. I would at least not use AMD cpus as long as Intel has faster solutions.


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              while some people don't like charlie, he does have a nack for being accurate at times when everyone doesn believe him.

              As for apple, i'm not surprised they got screwed by defective chips by nvidia so they'll go all AMD. But I find it hard to believe they wouldnt go for intel.

              It's easier and lets be honest the intel press machine is the second most powerful thing after apple marketing. So it only makes sense for the job mob to use their chips if only to get free adverts.