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Multiview and non FireGL cards

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  • Multiview and non FireGL cards

    The release notes for the new 9.6 version of AMD's fglrx driver states that MultiView now works with non FireGL (ie, consumer level) cards:

    MultiView for Consumer users

    Allows users to render applications using multiple GPU confi
    Enables Xinerama in single or multiple configurations up
    Supported on any combination of the ATI RadeonTM HD
    Series and ATI RadeonTM 2000 Series of graphics cards

    OK. Before 9.6, MultiView was supposed to work only with the FireGL cards series (unless one try some kind of workaround such as changing the card's PCI ID ). My question: Anyone here has successfully configured and is now using MultiView with non FireGL cards? I tried using MultiView ( I have two HD 4850 and three monitors), but I had no joy yet. First card works fine, connected to two monitors (Big Desktop), but the second card (connected to the third monitor) would not display anything and it's being reported as "disabled adapter" in AMDCCLE. Another problem is that I can't control second card's fan ( aticonfig --pplib-cmd 'set fanspeed 1 80' fails while aticonfig --pplib-cmd 'set fanspeed 0 80' just works) neither I can read second card's temperature. This is bad since if I can't adjust the second card fan speed things become really hot here. So, again: Anyone here has successfully configured and is now using MultiView with non FireGL cards?

    Thanks in advance!

    [edit] Just for your information: Tried Crossfire and it worked like a breeze. It means that the drivers can detect booth cards.
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    You need to use a different aticonfig command after installation for Multiview. Matthew (mtippett) posted about it maybe a month ago, let me see if I can find it...

    OK, I think this is the post I was looking for :

    ... and another post which includes enabling Xinerama...
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      Thank you for your reply. I will try this at home tonight and give you an update.



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        Good news:

        The command:

        aticonfig --initial=dual-head -f --adapter=all --xinerama=on

        found in the reference you gave me did the thing. No need to apply any other command neither other configuration. Just typed the command and bingo - all set: the three LCDs are working as a large, single desktop.

        Thanks for your hint!