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Radeon 9100 IGP and S-video out

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  • Radeon 9100 IGP and S-video out

    Hi. Tonight I am a very unhappy Gentoo user. I have a couple of older Asus Pundit-R machines that have ATI Radeon IGP 9100 controllers onboard. I've run these machines for years using the S-Video output driving my TVs and everything has been fine. I've been limited to using an old kernel - 2.6.19 - and an old ati-driver package - 8.28.8-r1 - and everything has been fine. However today I got pushed into updates to the system by Gentoo's portage that updated xorg-x11 to the newer xorg-x11 and newer xorg-server-1.5. After the update was complete I find I apparently cannot use this older driver, and worse, the way Gentoo is run these days I cannot go back to the older version I was running because they remove the files from my machine when they do updates - without my permission - and they have deleted the older files from portage. What a mess.

    Anyway, I'm wondering if there is any other solution for getting S-video out from an IGP 9100. Is there any chance of getting this feature working with maybe some of the newer open source packages? If so what would I need to try?

    I greatly appreciate any guidance folks here can offer.


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    Just checking - ati-driver in Gentoo-speak means fglrx ?

    My understanding was that TV-out on the older GPUs was working OK with the radeon driver (xf86-video-ati) but not 100% sure about S-Video.