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ATI HD 3200 - CCC 9.4 - Underscan when refresh change

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  • ATI HD 3200 - CCC 9.4 - Underscan when refresh change


    I've checked the forums and not seen this fixed/discussed in any other threads.

    The issue I have with my HD 3200 is that when the refresh rate (or size) changes I start to get underscan.

    At any given refresh rate (60,50,24) or size (1920X1080, 1280, 720 etc,) on my Panasonic 81B I'm able to fix the underscan via the CCC (underscan slider) and everything is perfect (across reboots etc) for that given settings. But if I change on the CCC to another setting I have to correct the underscan for that refresh rate etc or if I'm using XBMC with auto-refresh everything works perfectly for most of my videos (pictures etc), but for some videos which run at 24p (as I've fixed the underscan for 50p) then underscan occurs. I'm just not able to fix the underscan for all refresh rates and sizes.

    Maybe I'm missing something but I'm not able to set the underscan value for every single possibility (it is only fixed for one and that one only). Is there a setting in CCC which I have missed?

    Thanks for any help,