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2.6.29-ARCH (X86_X64)+catalyst 9.4-1+compiz fusion = massive failure

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    Well, I never recommended anybody to buy powerful ATI cards. Cheap ones don't hurt so much when you run em with oss driver, but the proprietary fglrx driver is everything but a good driver. For most (not all however) people Nvidia cards are much more painless, even when not all drivers work there too, some reported problems with latest Nvidia beta / prelease on 64 bit - the opengl 3.1 preview driver worked for those (-vs option for my script). But I can patch every Nvidia driver to run with 2.6.30 without changeing the kernel if it does not directy support it. fglrx is always holding up updates. You saw that with Xserver 1.6 support, now with correct 2.6.29/2.6.30 support. Sure you can focus on workstation/embedded market, but I hope ATI sometimes learns that the workstation/embedded market is not everything, the standard users want working drivers too. Nvidia introduced VDPAU as bonus - very nice for slower systems to play hd content. Maybe one oss dev could help a fglrx dev to fix the kernel issues...