Hey Guys,
So, I have the most recent fglrx running under ArchLinux. I basically tried ubuntu 9.04, but, blank screen of doom. Something -seriously- broke when moving from xorg 1.4 -> 1.5/1.6

Regardless of all this, when is the 3870x2 going to be supported ? I actually have -2- of them in crossfire in my laptop, and, well, I don't even feel like an economy passenger. I feel like I am stuck out on the airplane's wing.

I do get around 3000fps under fglrx and xorg 1.4, it -does- work.. after a fashion. I am probably getting about 1/4 of the 4 gpu's running however.. which is.. annoying.

Any ETA/Timeline for -proper- 3870x2 or crossfire support ? I assume that the two are inter-connected, since the x2 cards seem to be internal crossfire