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Mobility 4XXX linux proprietary driver

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    lspci -nn

    shows the pci id, the name does not interest much in most cases.


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      Originally posted by rajesh View Post
      Ehab, good to know that ATI driver works with Linux. I too have HP Pavilion dv6 1125ee. Just installed Fedora 11 and have issues with Radeon Mobility HD4650. Can you please advise me which driver you used?

      Thanks in advance.

      Rajesh (Qatar)
      The one that you download from ATI directly although it does not specifically say that the mobility 4650 is supported it does work.

      The download and install instruction are on AMD just google radeon linux driver download


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        rajesh, I suspect your issues may be with F11 rather than with the specific GPU.

        I wouldn't be surprised if fglrx had problems with F11, although the open source drivers that ship with F11 should work OK for EXA and Xv (ie no 3D yet).


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          HI, sorry to bump in. I'm looking at purchasing an HP dv7-2127ez (AMD Turion X2 ZM-85 hint!hint!) which also has a Mobility Radeon HD 4650 .

          Would the current catalyst/fglxr drivers work with it ?
          I'd like to enable compiz, but no "real" need for full 3D support. As long as video playback is smooth.

          I'm actually scared there's a "hidden" IGP with it ... known as "hybrids", for which there's no linux support.

          Thanks for the help !