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nVidia GTX 260 vs ATI HD 4870 Linux showdown on

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  • nVidia GTX 260 vs ATI HD 4870 Linux showdown on

    Hi all!

    I just stumbled across this interesting comparison over at

    I won't spoil the good reading for you but based on the results I will make a prediction about outcome of the next big phoronix Linux graphics poll. Well, judging from various articles here at phoronix and threads in the forum it seems to be a trend already anyways and I just feel a little chatty atm.

    Features other than raw 2D or OpenGL performance is going to be increasingly more important to many of us and to the card makers to differentiate their respective graphics products. These are things like power management, proprietary driver releases well timed with kernel and xorg releases, HD video playback, reliable monitor plug-n-play support and resolution control and perhaps general CPU offloading through interfaces like the upcoming OpenCL. And oh, an open source driver wont hurt either.

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    Thanks for the link.