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Default screen resolution on boot/login

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  • Default screen resolution on boot/login


    I've recently installed the ATI Catalyst 9.3 drivers on Ubuntu, and I'm having trouble with my default screen resolution.

    Whenever I reboot my machine upon returning to the desktop my resolution has been set to something like 1024x768, my Native screen resolution is 1680x1050.

    I use the gui tools to set my desktop back to 1680x1050, which works except the desktop background has a tile effect (It's not resized correctly) and some interface elements are positioned incorrectly.

    I've found that if I then log out my login screen is set to 1024x768 (but is not stretched to the monitor extremes, only sits in the top left corner of my screen, when I log back in I then have the correct resoltuon as I had set it.

    However if my system crashes or I shutdown then reboot, I have to go through this process all over again.

    Why are my changes not being saved?