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AMD Catalyst 9.3 Brings OpenGL Composite Support

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    Yes, they're still alive and kicking. For over a year.

    For help, read this:


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      Still as buggy as ever. I love that glxgears is flicker free under compiz, but google earth segfaults 15 seconds in. XV still locks the box hard if I try to resize a window, and the XV overlay is still the wrong size for the player window. Fullscreen games with compiz and the unredirect option are worse than 9.2, because they are not being redirected... More testing to come.


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        Didn't manage to install this on ArchLinux. The driver would always complain that the kernel module was incompatible (wrong version). Reinstalled 9.4RC1 which work more or less fine.


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          Thanks for that link, but I remember I already had it read.

          Sincerelly, I don't understand everything on that link.
          They say that I could get now a 1.5.3 server up and running and being not so unstable as I imagined?
          They also give a little wiki on how to achieve this, but too quick for me : how can I merge a x11.stable.list? where can I find that?
          What special information will I find reading the stabilisation bug they are talking about?

          You know, I really don't think I have the knowledge to help in any way. I'd rather wait for the moment of the portage will be marked as stable.
          I think any earlier move from my side will only make lose time for answering my questions on Gentoo forums.


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            If you wait for stable, you will face the problems when it happens. It's better to face those problems now.

            I slightly suspect that you're using the wrong distro. If you don't know what package.keywords is, or don't know what "a bug" on the tracker is, you shouldn't be using Gentoo in the first place


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              Just downloaded and tried this driver. Odd thing is that (unless I'm still using the older 9.2) the new 9.3 driver seems to be no different! I don't see any speed increases in 3D nor in rendering (I'm trying KDE 4 here, and rendering - for example - with 'wobbly windows' with the 9.2 driver - was fine) .

              Edit Video can still be problematic -- depends on the player. KDE 4's dragon player dies a lot x.x but playing with the command line version of mplayer (under slamd64 12.2), packages (.tgz) found here - (for mplayer and its deps) video seems to play ok and go to fullscreen and back without a crash by doing this:

              mplayer myvideo.mpg -vo gl
              Haven't tried it with anything but MPEG 2 videos so far (namely a brief test video I recorded from a freeview transport stream; that's digital TV, btw).

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                Am I missing something here? Just installed this on a fresh install of Ubuntu 8.10 and I am not getting any opengl composite support. Its almost like I am using the 9.2 driver still... no change at all.


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                  Video playback is still a headache with this revision, but it really depends on the player you're using. Totem + Gstreamer + XV is horrible; choppy playback, off-center videos (window), and kills X if you switch to fullscreen mode. VLC works fine as far as I can tell, and so does mplayer. The no blinking thing with opengl is with both games and videos, which is nice for those that like using opengl instead of Xv for their video playback. Oh, and attempting to manually resize a widowed video will kill X as well (moving it is no problem).
                  Compiz resizing is weird. As soon as I installed the driver I was excited that windows resized smooth as silk, but then when I restarted the machine windows resizing was laggy again; and now as I type this resizing is butter smooth again. Go figure.

                  Originally posted by dcarpenter85 View Post
                  Am I missing something here? Just installed this on a fresh install of Ubuntu 8.10 and I am not getting any opengl composite support. Its almost like I am using the 9.2 driver still... no change at all.

                  You must be blind then.

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                    ut2004 works flawless with kde4.2.67 and effects turned on
                    resizing windows without 'content' is fast
                    xv does not lock up the box when resizing the output window, but with xine it is still a bit buggy. No problem with mplayer or tvtime
                    bookmarks pop up instantly.

                    everything is fine.


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                      In Catalyst 9.3 are also a variety of fixes in this release and minor additions like enabling RandR 1.2 and CrossFire on dual-GPU graphics cards.
                      Part of me hoped that meant Crossfire support had finally been extended beyond RadeonHD 4x00 series cards... but it doesn't look like it.

                      Granted, I'm not actually aware of anybody running Crossfire x1x00 series cards due to the problems of finding a master card, and actually getting a Crossfire capable motherboard back when the x1800's and x1900's were on the market...