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AMD Releases Display Library For Linux

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    yeah, but it still would be nice to have a complete list even if it is prone to change.
    Stuff like aticonfig --pplib-cmd "get fanspeed 0" is just so usefull.


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      I tried the API today, but got strange behaviors, like ADL_Adapter_NumberOfAdapters_Get giving me 2 adapters instead of 1 and ADL_Overdrive5_Temperature_Get giving 134514537 as the temperature in milidegrees Celsius, while the current temperature is 43.50 degrees Celsius according to aticonfig --odgt. Thought it could be my mistake in the code, but I got the same value (2 intead of 1) for ADL_Adapter_NumberOfAdapters_Get in the Sample/main.c example that comes with the ADL_SDK.


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        Originally posted by bridgman View Post
        It's like the old joke about the guy about to undergo surgery on his hand...

        Patient : "Doctor, after the operation will I be able to play the piano ?"

        Doctor : "I don't see why not"

        Patient : "Great, I always wanted to be able to play the piano"

        If the Windows Catalyst drivers let you read the temperature then there's a pretty good chance you'll be able to do it with ADL under Linux. If the Windows drivers can't do it either, then I doubt ADL will help.
        About 8 years ago, I had made a simple voxel engine. When I showed it to the lecturer at uni, he told me it was obsolete. Voxels are rubbish and apparently my effort was a waste of time. If I had not listened to him and kept going with my creation. Right now I would be light years ahead of everyone else. Maybe even JC himself. I don't doubt it for a second.

        But here I am now. Watching the caravan pass by...