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CAT 9.2 showstoppers for HD 4850

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  • CAT 9.2 showstoppers for HD 4850

    Since AMD promised to put all closed source effort into newer cards 2000/4000, I would like to file some bug reports that I recently encountered trying out CAT 9.2 on my system

    Hardware: Signature Rig #1
    OS: Ubuntu 8.10
    Driver: Catalyst 9.2

    Problem 1: XV. When resizing window of Mplayer, XV can sometimes (50% chance?) get a white screen instead of video. Re-resize it solves the problem. Annoying.

    Problem 2: Full screen XV sometimes results OS hard lock. Very bad.

    Problem 3: Yesterday when I unplugged my DVI monitor (monitor turned off first) to use on another PC and plugged it back and turned it on, the system freezed. Mouse moves, keyboard lights work, but whole desktop stopped response. VT switch not working, Zap not working, has to do a hard reset. Very bad, as I was in a middle of compressing a video, grrrr....

    CAT driver has been progressively better on my PC. XV comes from total flicker to relatively usable. Gaming speed is fine. It's just those XV problems are very annoying. The hot plug lock up problem is rare but can be a punch in the face.

    I also heard that CAT is implementing RDR? If that's true when can I expect to see it? 9.3? 9.4?

    Thank you for your time to read my report.
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    re: problem #2, if you are running with Desktop Effects can you check and see if the Compiz option for "Unredirect Fullscreen Windows" is checked, and turn it off if it is ? There seems to be an intermittent problem related to unredirecting but I'm not sure if that's what you are seeing.

    re: problem #3, I don't know what to say. Hot plugging notwithstanding I would never unplug and replug a monitor while my PC was doing something productive just in case I crashed it with a static zap. Is that repeatable (not the compression, just the unplug/hot-plug ) or a one-time thing ?


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      Problem 4: fglrx crashes as soon as you create an OpenGL 3.0 context. After a quick poll on,, and these forums, it seems that noone has been able to create a GL3.0 context with fglrx, ever (irregardless of driver version and hardware).

      Test case:


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        I'll add my early observations based on:
        MSI GT725-074US
        4GB DDR2 800
        512MB GDDR3 ATI Radeon Mobility 4850
        Catalyst 9.2
        Ubuntu 8.10 64bit

        I've noticed:
        1.) with glxgears if I move the window, the glxgears stay where the window originally was located until I "drop" the window, at which point that window is then refreshed in the new location

        2.) Google Earth flickers like mad(all windows) when updating. In a static state it's fine.

        3.) quick looks at some videos w/proprietary Flash v10 player seemed to work fine. (Videos were of GT725 and GT627 demos)

        and well that's as far as I got because it was an adventure geting 8.10 up on this notebook, so much so it reminded of the old days as I got to experience: text installs, manual net config via CLI & conf files, broken, etc. (Actually the broken EDID that caused not to run was the cause of all the problems. Getting it up enough to install catalyst fixed everything up enough for me much as i thought/hoped it would...)

        However, as I still have another major problem ATM w/the install I'm NOT tracking graphical problems very closely. (Machine fails to resume from suspend, which is both bad and annoying...)

        Actually disabling effects(compiz) in Ubuntu has cleared up both of my graphical problems. It is sad, that the driver is incapable of running both compiz and other opengl applications w/o problems though...

        Still tracking down the suspend/resume problem on the Ubuntu forums for now, so I'm still not really testing anything else other than I decided to try the above, and felt that the results warranted a minor update...
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