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xrandr and xinerama?

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  • xrandr and xinerama?

    I recently switched my fglrx dual-head configuration to xrandr, because fglrx doesn't support BigDesktop anymore (with XrandR 1.2). The change was suprisingly easy, compiz is working. Almost tip-top.

    But: since i use xrandr for the dual-screen configuration xinerama seems to be missing. At least gnome seems not to be aware of xinerama anymore. How do I fix that?

    I'm thankful for any hints.

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    I think the "general way to go" is to create a virtual entry in your xorg.conf with the max size you want to be able to use (if you want to use two 1600x1200 screens, one on the left, one on the right, make it a line like this: Option "Virtual" "3200x1200" ). Then you should just be able to work with the stuff after telling xrandr to have on screen "right-of" or "left-of" the other.


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      That's what i did. I alredy got the screens working with --left-of. But xinerama is missing...?


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        Maybe anybody knows if xinerama (-like-behaivour) *should* work just out of the box?


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          I've got the same problem. Up to 9.1 xinerama worked perfectly with fglrx and xrandr, but now with 9.2 i can't get it working...