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AMD Dropping R300-R500 Support In Catalyst Driver

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  • If anybody feels like committing back into glxgears the -iacknowledgethatthistoolisnotabenchmark switch you do so with my blessing.


    • OK fine fine. forget the glxgears They are stupid.

      but realy in Ubuntu like i said I could wach movies. That is good enugh I guess. There is realy no need to do any benchmarking the opensoruce drivers can't do anything. Playing video is it's max and you need to do some tweeking just to do that.


      • hunterthompson, we're not claiming the open source drivers are ready to take over from fglrx on your GPU, just on 5xx and below.
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        • LOL, on the one box running some new/unreleased version of the intel opensource drivers, I get 190fps with glxgears, and 220fps running cube.
          so glxgears is slower than a REAL app.
          Then I run foldingathome in the background and glxgears goes up to 800fps.

          It seems that powermanagement can break 3D performance quite considerably on the opensource drivers. The same happens with my Mobility x1600 using the opensource ati drivers. (Although to a lesser extent)


          • glxgears is a really basic benchmark, even without 3d support i get

            2380 frames in 5.0 seconds = 475.536 FPS

            on a 3450 with oss driver. Well nvidia seems to optimize the drivers for thruput much more than ati, therefore the numbers with it a really high. But basically even 20000+ fps do not really matter. Nexuiz performance changed pretty much between the driver releases, but the newer which are in U 9.04 by default are everything but stable. If the distro would ship when it is done, it would be still not out.


            • Ok how about this....
              With my card Mobility FireGL v5700


              Open driver.... Not even playable I can only guess <1FPS
              Catalist dirver.... 250-300FPS

              This may not matter though becaus I "Think" it is just my card is not fully supported by the open driver. I guess I am not upset anymore. At lest when the open drivers are done ATI will be the only "Good" grafics card that has Open Source dirvers. So, that is a vary cool thing and I will suport a compay that is doing that. I still love Intel but they make budget grafics cards not gameing cards. Soon ATI will be the card of choice for people that want to use a real OS i.e. Solaris, *BSD, Linux.... Really anything but DOS/Windoz unless your so into gaming you don't care your OS is ****