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How to change shared memory on integrated Radeon Xpress 1150?

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  • How to change shared memory on integrated Radeon Xpress 1150?

    I have a Dell Inspiron 1501 with the integrated Radeon Xpress 1150. There is no bios option for changing shared memory. I remember the windows driver had an option to change UMA memory size. I've been 100% linux for while, and don't want to install XP again just to change the shared memory.

    The only thing I can find using aticonfig is max-gart-size. Is this what i'm looking for? Thanks in advance.

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    No, that's not it. AFAIK, there's no way to do what you want in Linux. Actually, I wasn't aware it was possible at all in Windows either.


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      Option "VideoRAM" 32768

      That worked for my previous Intel IGP's. Put into the driver section in xorg.conf.


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        I'll give the VideoRAM option a try curaga. It could be an Intel specific thing, but it's worth a try. Thanks.
        RealNC: yeah, it's on the last tab of the Windows Catalyst Cont. Center. There were a ton of useful options compared to the Linux version. I don't really care since most things I want are available via aticonfig, but unfortunately not the shared memory.


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          It's actually an option of Xorg (see man xorg.conf), but not all drivers read it.


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            Unfortunately the VideoRAM option causes the screen to freeze with a garbled version of the login screen. X never loads.. Any other ideas?