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Recent Catalyst versions are unable to render textures

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    Originally posted by bridgman View Post
    EDIT -- looks like two shaders and one script (out of a hundred or so) failed to compile. The log gives just a high level description of what went wrong but doesn't show you the shader source code; a good next step might be to download GPU Shader Analyzer from, paste the failing shaders into the "input" window, and look at the results. Might be a driver bug, but usually it's just a case where different vendors let you get away with different "minor mistakes" in the shader code so a program might work OK on one vendor's hardware blows up on another vendor's hardware.
    Sorry for a late respond. For some reason I didn't get the email notification about your posts

    I'll download the Analyzer ASAP.

    EDIT: Hm.. I've just gone to and have seen that there is only a windows version of GPU Shader Analyzer available for download. I haven't found the Linux x64 version. Does this mean that I have to install windows again on my laptop in order to debug fglrx - a linux driver? I'm totally confused

    Originally posted by bridgman View Post
    I'm assuming the SDK includes source code for the shaders ?
    I've downloaded the source code (.tar.gz package) of OGRE and compiled it, so I guess it includes. Is this shader source code located maybe in /$(OGRE_HOME)/RenderSystems/GL/src/GLSL/src ?
    Please treat me as a total newbie in 3D graphics .
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      This does not affect just Ogre. I am seeing the same issue in a pure OpenGL application I am developing. It appeared after upgrading from a X1950Pro w/ catalyst 8.12 to a 4850HD w/ catalyst 9.2 (Arch x86_64).

      The GLSL shaders compile without errors, but texturing is broken as if texture coordinates were always 0 in the y-axis (but only in the more complex shaders - simple shaders work fine). I can post screenshots and code if you wish.

      Note that the same program is running fine on Windows (same system) and on Nvidia cards. It also ran fine with catalyst 8.12 on Linux. Definitely looks like a driver bug.

      I will try the sudo workaround and report back asap.

      Edit: And no, running as sudo does not fix the issue here.
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