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Catalyst 9.2 Released, Still Fails To Deliver XvBA

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    Originally posted by bridgman View Post
    I'm not sure if there are any options in aticonfig or cccle for disabling video quality options but it would be worth checking. It would also be useful for someone with a high-end 5xx (same age but more shader power) to see how the recent drivers perform on their GPUs. I suspect that their video performance would be fine -- in which case the simpler shaders on the open source driver might be a better fit for your GPU.
    maybe i can check it on my mobility x1600. I know it's far away from being high-end, but it's faster than the x1400.

    btw. need Support for X-Server 1.6 T_T


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      Originally posted by bridgman View Post

      OK, that makes sense. Here's an interesting question -- did you ever play videos for any length of time under Compiz before ? The obvious reason for asking is that playing video under Compiz involves at least 2x the pixel pushing of video without Compiz. I'm obviously trying to figure out if the slow performance under Compiz is new, or if it was always slow but you never noticed because the flickering chased you away first

      Yes, you are right about this. The flickering didn't really appeal to me, so I never gave it a chance. It was probably just as slow, only now I'm actually able to see it. Or really, when flickering before, it didn't really involve Compiz, just fighting for the frame buffer ? Now it definitely involves Compiz, since video is transformed/composited properly.

      In summary, your reply totally makes sense. Also wrt. to open source radeon driver using bicubic scaling. I remember seeing some of that while peeking into the source code and reverting a patch to radeon-GIT which broke tear-free XV on my hardware (a while back, now).

      Anyway, thanks again for your replies.


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        I can't load the fglrx module,
        I get

        fglrx: Unknown symbol firegl_interrupt_poll
        fglrx: Unknown symbol firegl_interrupt_open
        fglrx: Unknown symbol firegl_interrupt_release
        fglrx: Unknown symbol firegl_interrupt_read
        fglrx: Unknown symbol firegl_interrupt_write
        with catalyst 9.1 I had no problem..
        I have a custom kernel so I guess there are some kernel options I have to adjust...


        In compiling time I get:

        WARNING: "firegl_interrupt_write" [/var/abs/local/cata91/catalyst/src/archive_files/common/lib/modules/fglrx/build_mod/fglrx.ko] undefined!
        WARNING: "firegl_interrupt_read" [/var/abs/local/cata91/catalyst/src/archive_files/common/lib/modules/fglrx/build_mod/fglrx.ko] undefined!
        WARNING: "firegl_interrupt_release" [/var/abs/local/cata91/catalyst/src/archive_files/common/lib/modules/fglrx/build_mod/fglrx.ko] undefined!
        WARNING: "firegl_interrupt_open" [/var/abs/local/cata91/catalyst/src/archive_files/common/lib/modules/fglrx/build_mod/fglrx.ko] undefined!
        WARNING: "firegl_interrupt_poll" [/var/abs/local/cata91/catalyst/src/archive_files/common/lib/modules/fglrx/build_mod/fglrx.ko] undefined!

        ok, I've just recompiled the kernel and works fine
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          Can't use Xinerama anymore. (screen just gets black after starting xserver and nothing happens...) Without this option this release is useless for me...


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            I am pleased with this release. It's not 100% but it shows progress.

            XV under compiz almost works now. The only problem is that video is sized for the whole window's size, not the window minus player controls. Other than that though it was smooth. Hopefully video will be 100% under 9.3


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              I think I can sum up ATI catalyst releases quite nicely.
              And I'll do so by quoting Michael

              "Hopefully next month ........"

              Keep hoping and waiting guys. Meanwhile, I'm I sold my ATI and bought an nvidia


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                Full of problems and bugs.


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                  I've seen an increase in FPS while playing savage 2. This is good.

                  EDIT: mythfrontend and opengl seem to be working nicely as well. gw

                  EDIT2: The FPS increase is unreliable, at times it will drop from 80 to 15 for no obvious reason.
                  mythfrontend only worked the once with opengl. From subsequent starts, it exhibits the same old bug of not displaying the menu change.

                  have experienced hardlocks when changing to a VT sometimes. My smooth sailing is over it seems..
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                    Why is it so big? Nvidia's 64-bit drivers that include 32-bit compat libs and pre-built kernel modules are around 20MB. I think they should hire one of the Damn Small Linux (or Puppy) devs to fit it under 50MB .

                    And seriously nobody, I say nobody, cares about xvba, especially when one talks about fglrx. It would be face-saving if they manage to implement even a half-functional vdpau before the radeon, radeonhd and intel guys do it in their sleep .


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                      Originally posted by hdas View Post
                      Why is it so big? Nvidia's 64-bit drivers that include 32-bit compat libs and pre-built kernel modules are around 20MB. I think they should hire one of the Damn Small Linux (or Puppy) devs to fit it under 50MB .
                      Nvidia offer separate packages depending on what you want. Ati have bundled it all in one.