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    Originally posted by Melcar View Post
    Building kernels is never lame .
    Oh I agree - I meant to say I only build from UBUNTU once and there were no problems. I think at the time it was 7.04 and 2.6.20's. I just want to know more about what makes Ubuntu different. And if it is different, then that's lame. Otherwise, it's awesome.


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      Originally posted by nbi1 View Post
      Yes, Ubuntu is definitely better, but has issues of its own. If you need HW support that only a newer kernel gives you that can be problematic as Ubuntu has a specific kernel build process. Although it can be done, building a new kernel from a tarball is not routine. To make life easier one should grab the kernel source via an official Ubuntu .deb if it is available. For example, I needed 2.6.28 under Intrepid and ended up building it from the 2.6.28 Jaunty .deb. At first I tried building from a tarball, but quickly learned the error of my ways. Doctor, it hurts when I do that....
      Well, I always build my kernel from the official tarball, there's no special method or source package, just the usual:

      tar xjf linux-xxxx.tar.bz2
      make menuconfig, make && make modules && make install && make modules_install
      update-initrd -c -k x.x.x

      and finally update /boot/grub/menu.lst.

      For this you need build-essential, ncurses-term and libncurses5-dev.