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A cheap(er) ATI card for Linux?

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    Keep in mind that AGP has been known to be very quirky/poorly implemented on many motherboards, so it may take fiddling to get it to work (i.e. specifying a particular AGP mode in the xorg.conf) devs are still chasing down these quirks so they can be detected and handled in the driver automatically, so if you have this problem, be sure to tell the devs.


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      And all those devs will tell you to spend the money upgrading to a PCIE motherboard instead

      Seriously, a 780 or 790 has the same 3D engine as an HD2400 so you would actually be in pretty good shape just running with IGP for now.


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        Then you could upgrade to Nvidia IGP as well


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          Ah yes, the AMD and NVidia parts do have the same part number, don't they. D'oh !!


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            No they don't anymore, Nvidia went ahead in their rebranding game. The 780a is something else entirely now (980a SLI). The demand for the old lowly 780a chipset was going down, but now see all the buyers rushing to get the new 980a SLI

            Geez, it's 2 hundred numbers more, it must clearly be a better chip.


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              Nuts, that means we're probably going to have to rebrand our products in order to stay competitive. I hate it when that happens.

              Mr. President, we can not allow a... rebranding gap !