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Catalyst bug 9.1 TV colour settings

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  • Catalyst bug 9.1 TV colour settings

    Sorry if this bug has been mentioned before. I'm not sure how to report a bug through the proper channels, so I'll post it here and see if anybody has a similar problem.

    I'm running fglrx 9.1 on ubuntu 8.10 intrepid 64bit.

    Card: Ati X1650Pro 512mb

    My problem is this: After using aticonfig -initial and changing my second screen, which is a crt TV connected via svideo, to big desktop, the drivers work fine.

    However, if I change the colour attributes for my TV on CCC (usually increasing hue as my TV is quite dull) when I reboot the computer x fails to load - I don't even get to the log in screen.

    I have tested this bug and it definitely occurs when colours are changed - if i leave the colours but alter other settings the driver works fine.

    I think I have had this bug for the last few releases, but only just pinpointed the problem.

    Anybody have the same?

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    I have the same problem but with different setting. I want to change tv out to enable overscan but then when I reboot computer, X also fails to load. I will try it with colour settings when I get home from work.

    I have Radeon HD4670 512MB PCI-E card.


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      Same problem but with scaling the image on my CRT TV (or enabling overscan). Didn't try changing the colors. See:

      The bug appeared in 8.10 and is still there in 9.1.