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FGLRX Catalyst and Resizing with Desktop Effects

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  • Well i prefer KDE 3.5 without compiz or any desktop effect (like with KDE 4). I sometimes even disabled composite in xorg.conf to get vdpau playback absolutely smooth, but that improved with newer drivers that you don't need to do that usually. 2d is really fast then too. But you can not even use something like vdpau on fglrx yet - or say some chosen ones can, the rest can't.


    • Taken from a comment on my blog ( )

      Hi, I have been pissed off by this problem a long time and assumed it was ATI?s fault. Tonight I made one last effort before ordering a Nvidia graphics card. And I was successful.

      I am running catalyst 9.8 using a Radeon 3850 and have had this re-size/maximize problem as long as long as I have used KDE4. To solve the problem I needed to modify a file in xorg-server. in the code directory it is called ./composite/compalloc.c. Here I commented out most of a function called compNewPixmap. Everything below these lines:

      pPixmap->screen_x = x;
      pPixmap->screen_y = y;

      all the way down to (but not including) the last line:

      return pPixmap;

      After this I am running KDE4 with all desktop effects that I want and without any lag in resizing/maximizing.
      I am running Gentoo, so I just updated the xorg-server source package file and put it back into the source repository, rebuilt the manifest and emerged it again. Voila!


      • Grats, he re-invented the already existing patch (107_fedora_dont_backfill_bg_none.patch)