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Catalyst 9.1 is out

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  • Catalyst 9.1 is out


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    link doesnt work for me


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      Same here, broken link. But the changelog is certainly nice ! Gonna try it out when I figure out what is up with that bloody link (and probably fall right back to radeon-driver ).


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        For me the link works. And the release notes say: Full OpenGL 3.0 Support

        edit: Ok, the driver-file doen't work.
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          Originally posted by PuckPoltergeist View Post
          For me the link works. And the release notes say: Full OpenGL 3.0 Support
          Very strange:
           $ LANG=C wget ''
          --2009-01-29 18:52:14--
          Connecting to||:443... connected.
          HTTP request sent, awaiting response... 404 Not Found
          2009-01-29 18:52:14 ERROR 404: Not Found.
          Nice teaser AMD ! If anyone knows the correct link, do tell ....


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            doesn't work for me either.

            File Not Found
             Firefox can't find the file at
                * Could the item have been renamed, removed, or relocated?
                * Is there a spelling, capitalization, or other typographical error in the address?
                * Do you have sufficient access permissions to the requested item?
            Same if I go to amd's site and navigate to the driver..there if I choose Linux x86_64 I get the 8.12 driver instead..

            Pehaps when I get home from work the inks will be working...

            Opera just downloads a text file.
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              is the correct link


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                With opera you gotta right click and select "Save target as"


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                  I definitely see some improvements:

                  - I got hybrid crossfire working on HD3200 (internal graphics) & HD3450 using two monitors on the 3450 (a lcd and a tv, running in dual-screen, so two separate screens).
                  - switching appearance in Ubuntu (8.04.2) works properly now (at least for one of my computers, didn't try the other). The X server comes back nicely after changing from 'none' to 'normal' (or whatever these options are called)
                  - Blender does not corrupt my desktop anymore (it made the panel in top of the screen black)
                  - we have OpenGL 3.0 support (though glxinfo | grep version still gives 2.1.8xxx, but I see some new extensions like support for texture arrays, not sure they are all in present)!

                  Some bugs that I still have:
                  - I cannot change the size of the picture on my tv (I have large black borders in top and in the bottom), if I change the scaling settings using catalyst control center X refuses to start afterwards (in fact it makes my computer completely crash, no switching to terminal either). This bug is occurred first in Catalyst 8.10 and is there since that driver release!
                  - glxgears gives some error message after closing it
                  - tried loggin in on my other computer (the one with hybrid crossfire and two monitors) after I enabled desktop effects: it didn't like it (crashed my computer, I had to reset).

                  All in all, much more then I expected!
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                    Everyone seems to be going bananas over GL3, does it bring any noticeable change?