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opinions on Radeon HD 3470?

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  • opinions on Radeon HD 3470?

    Or Radeon HD 3650?

    I am curious how these ATI mobile GPU chips/drivers work with Linux.

    I am looking at laptops and the choices are those v.s. ones with Nvidia 9300 GS (I think GS)?

    For e.g., Lenovo Thinkpad T400 w/ Radeon HD 3470
    Sony Vaio Z590 w Nvidia 9300GS

    Any other choices? I am looking for top screen quality, LED backlight and preferably DDR3 RAM but not essential.

    I think I named the top two and I post in the ATI section since I am more concerned about notebooks with ATI GPU because of the uncertain and controversial graphics drivers situation.

    Please comment and recommend?

    I want the option to watch movies/video on the notebooks so I would like a decent screen (w/ LED backlight).

    I prefer the Intel wifi 5100 or 5300 (looking for the 5300) as well.

    I suppose the ATI 3470 cards will work but how much trouble is it configuring in Linux? I'll use Ubuntu or Debian. Thanks.