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HD 4850 Artifacts (Catalist 8.10 and 8.11)

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  • HD 4850 Artifacts (Catalist 8.10 and 8.11)

    I have bought a Sapphire HD4850 512Mb. All go, drivers install good, compiz works good.

    Then I started Wine (World of Warcraft) and the result I got was this:

    The settings I used where the same from my older machine (X1400Mobile) and it worked perfect.

    I have to say that the corruption only happens inside buildings (parts where the minimap turns white), and even if you go outside corruption persists.

    To be sure this was a driver+GPU combo error I placed the config file from WoW and run the laptop with it, and again, no problems.

    Have this happened to anyone else? Any solution for this?

    PS: Disabling the user interface of the game (Ctrl + Alt + Z) removes the corruption, but reenabling it will bring it again.

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    It looks vaguely like the artifacts I've seen in ETQW, and I think I've heard about it related to WoW - I got around it by playing with the settings for Vertex Buffer Objects (ARB_VBO) - in ETQW, enabling them for both Vertex Buffers and Index Buffers got around the problem.


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      Ty for the reply.

      It does have with GL_ARB_vertex_buffer_object. I had to disable this in wine via regedit.

      So the issue is resolved
      There is anyway to check if my GPU is providing the maximum performance?
      Im getting ~20fps in WoW @ 1680x1050 with everything maxed


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        I would'not recommend running 3d games in windowed mode. ATI 4800 series gpus stay at 2d clock speed when running 3d games in windowed mode, which leads to subpar performance.

        You can use the following command to see the current clock speed and gpu load of your 4850:
        aticonfig --odgc


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          Tested it, GPU runs on full speed, even on windowed opengl applications.