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matrix of supported features for ATI cards

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  • matrix of supported features for ATI cards

    Does anyone know if there is a matrix of supported features out there anywhere for ATI cards?
    Something that shows what capabilities are available for each sort of card, and maybe latest known-good release of catalyst for each card.

    I'm considering throwing good money after bad and buying another ATI card for another PC I have, but given my experience so far I've no idea whether it is safe to get any particular card for the usage I want to put it to.
    I currently have a 3450, and am considering a 4350 or 4550 but don't know whether the newer card will suffer all the same (current) problems as the 3450, or whether some things are fixed (or others broken).

    I'd offer to create one if there isn't, but I have neither the time nor the knowledge...

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    The wiki has two (incomplete) pages RadeonFeature and RadeonProgram for feature-sets of the open source radeon driver.

    No idea about the closed source drivers though.


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      That's precisely the sort of info I'm looking for. Thanks!

      Does anyone know if something like this exists for fglrx?