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trying to switch from nVidia.. what works on ATI and what doesn't?

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    I found that 2D in the new Nvidia's without a dedicated 2D engine also suffers. My old 6600GT has faster desktop than another system with a 8800GT. It seems to be a global issue

    It will get better over time, as the X framework changes to suit the newer cards better.

    Although do note that fglrx ~3 years ago had horribly slow 2D, and now is quite fast. I didn't notice any performance issues on my 4850 system, but I've only had that system for a few weeks.
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      2D on the new ATI cards works fine. Don't know were everyone is getting that performance is bad. Sure, it can be better, but it's not horrendous.


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        Its software-only so there is nothing "that bad". Software only is always better than bad done accaleration (like it was the case with nvidia<177.88), but really good accaleration cannot be beaten.

        Both nvidia and amd show increased linux activity, I hope also ati cards will soon provide as good RENDER accaleration as nvidia does with their latest drivers.


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          I won't switch to ATI if I have to suffer regressions and I don't want to spend the money before knowing what'll work
          Well, that pretty much leaves you with three options:

          1) pay too much for an outdated R500 card that will, best case scenario, be comparable in horsepower to your current card. The documentation is out for these, they work, and things are getting better all the time.

          2) buy a newer R600 or R700 card and wait for the docs. open-source support is almost nonexistent right now, and the Catalyst suite is like Russian Roulette. Usually it's Feature A works or Feature B does. Or neither of them. If, by some fluke, both of them do, then they don't work well.

          3) This here's your best bet: buy another NVIDIA card. Honestly, ATI is great for those with aging hardware and idealists right now.


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            if you don't use wine, ATI works great. Also, the nvnews forum is full with threads of people, where:
            the driver does not work
            the box constantly locks up
            Feature A started to work with latest driver, feature B is broken
            which are abandonned by Nvidia, because they own a geforce4 or geforce fs

            so, the same things you can say about the ati drivers is also true for the nvidia drivers. The main difference:
            with ATI there is hope and soon a choice.


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              In my opinion, don't buy a new card right now if you don't need the power for gaming.
              Wait until AMDs dirvers are better, or NVidia releases next-generation hardware.

              Currently there's not a lot to gain in any way


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                thanks for the link, energyman.

                I've had an ATI notebook once (9700M), and wine worked ok for the games I used it on (diablo2/wc3 and a couple of emulators). For recent games I boot to windows anyway.

                I frequent the nvnews-forums, but I'd attribute a lot of the "doesn't work" threads to user errors. Same for some of the horror stories over here. It's difficult to get a real comparison.

                linuxhippy, that's exactly what I've been doing for the last months/years. But now GTA IV claims more GPU power


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                  if you boot to windows anyway, ati might be the better choice. They kick nvidia's ass at every proce point at the moment..


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                    I agree, if you need the power for gaming, ATI has currently best price/performance ratio.