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lock-up on intrepid with latest fglrx

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  • lock-up on intrepid with latest fglrx

    As soon as the ubuntu-edition fglrx came out I installed intrepid (kubuntu) on my laptop (toshiba A200 with HD2600 mobility)
    Since then I've experienced several lock-ups when the laptop is left on/idle for a long time...
    It shouldn't be an overheating, or otherwise hardware related thing...
    Anyone else experiencing this? Any suggestions?

    ps: Also, when this happens, the caps lock led keeps flashing... that's what happened on this laptop before, with the fglrx log out bug...

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    can you setup ssh and log in to the laptop remotely to check the syslog, because it's been known to happen on various distros.


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      thanx for the reply
      uh... have to wait for it to happen again to check... but as I see the syslog from this morning (last time it happened) I don't see anything relevant... the last entry before reboot is a network manager thing...


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        Flashing caps-lock

        This indicates a kernel panic. It is unlikely to have been able to log anything before it died. Redirecting console to a serial or parallel port to another machine is sometimes needed to retrieve the panic info. Ethernet drivers and TCP/IP stack don't always live long enough to complete the transmit.


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          cool... (to know what that flashing led means, not having it flashing on my pc ...I though it was sort of an ati-bug-thing and I never bothered to look it up) thanx for the info
          so it looks like I'm sol with finding out what's the actual problem... the pc is a laptop, so no serial or parallel... (unless maybe a usb2serial cable connection would be still functional to deliver the panic message of the redirected console...)
          I could just switch to console and wait for the panic, but I guess the bug would probably never be triggered that way... (especially if it's indeed fglrx related)


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            I'd try it

            I'd try it anyway. Depending on the cause it might still trigger and give us data, or it doesn't and we know it is graphics related.