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Zhaoxin anyone?

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  • Zhaoxin anyone?

    Just read news about this Zhaoxin x86 CPU.
    I dug out a little more info and it seems that Zhaoxin semiconductor from Shanghai (partially owned by VIA) is trying to bring a x86 CPU to the market. I wonder how that is going to happen. I saw a roadmap ( German tech news site) that looks a bit copied from an AMD slide... and the x86 license must be coming from VIA. chip production might be at TSMC. They claim to reach Ryzen levels, soon.
    But when I read VIA I loled^H^H^H^H^H was somewhat hesitant about believing that anything of that would work out as announced. Otoh. most information is possibly based on rumours and some translated info from Chinese news sites.
    It's also mentioned at wikipedia ( ), wikichip ( ) and probably elsewhere.

    Does anyone here believe this will come true or at least reach the promised levels? (An alternative in the market would be interesting, but if VIA is involved... one wonders if there'll ever be decent Linux support.

    And happy new year anyone.
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