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Opteron vs. EPYC Benchmarks & Performance-Per-Watt: How AMD Server Performance Evolved Over 10 Years

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    Originally posted by drSeehas View Post
    Racks have a lot of very loud fans.
    Not all the racks. Mine is one of them.

    Originally posted by drSeehas View Post
    So no excuse to not send Michael your CPU.
    I see. So this is what you're after.
    Instead me paying for a new cooler, fan, CPU (+ maybe new PSU because the current one is at it's limits) and postage from Europe to US (well over $100 already and well over $200 if PSU needs to be replaced), I'd be better off just buy one used from ebay/amazon and let them post the CPU.
    I have quite strict "policies" when it comes to hardware. They need to be quiet and they need to be dust proofed. We have animals here. So just adding new, more power hungry hardware isn't an option.

    But let me correct my sentence then: I'd send my CPU to Michael if the postage wasn't outrageously expensive from here to US and if I already had a replacement. The FX-8300 you suggested, is a close one. In consideration.

    But the best to do would be to just sub to a premium account to support Phoronix, which I'm not, at least yet. I don't go into reasons why here.


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      I had a 130nm K8-opteron 144, later upgraded to dual core 90nm 265s on the same Tyan motherboard. But the ones to get were the 68W 280s.. Still the only ECC system I've ever had, built for less than $1000, albeit, ECC ram was about as expensive back then as it is now. It was cool to have a 4 core 2p SMP/NUMA system 12+ years ago. I had this board: hypertransport was a fixed 800Mhz, and all RAM access was done through the middle CPU, so it was pushing the definition of NUMA.

      The K8 put AMD on the server map, and the K10 was a good successor. It's kind of amazing the company survived through Bulldozer, it might not have if it wasn't for the ATI purchase (shared FPUs between cores, wtf AMD?). I did want an APU laptop with a 1080p screen, I think Lenovo made a single model, a friend got one of those. Looking forward to having Ryzen APUs though. I do love my 1700 Ryzen system, hopefully AMD makes a 12-16 core/24-32 thread Zen 2 for AM4 that I can upgrade to with ECC, comparable to the 7301 Epyc/TR. An open PSP would be nice.

      Better perf/watt and perf/price than Intel is possible for server, AMD has done it twice, once with the K8/K10 Opterons and now with Ryzen/Epyc, hopefully this continues and doesn't go backward like Bulldozer did!
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