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Initial Benchmarks Of The AMD EPYC 7601 On Ubuntu Linux

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    Originally posted by MaxToTheMax View Post
    That NUMA policy works so well for Epyc, I wonder what the effect on Threadripper performance would be? TR is also a NUMA design.
    All of the Zen-based CPUs are NUMA by design, even within a single CCX (8-cores), let alone across CCXes in a CPU sockets, or across CPU sockets. The NUMA settings sometimes help and sometimes don't. It really depends on whether you need maximum bandwidth (at the cost of added latency) or lowest latency (at the cost of reduced bandwidth). I forget which is the default. Some applications benefit more from one NUMA scheme compared to the other.

    (Technically, all AMD CPUs since the original AthlonMP have been NUMA-aware as they integrate the memory controller into the CPU, so memory hanging off the controller in a CPU in a different socket will be a separate NUMA zone.)
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      posted here " As long as your server workload doesn't depend on AVX, seems like Epyc is the clear choice."

      I hear that if this is the case, you really should be looking for an ~8x faster gpu based solution.