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AMD EPYC 7601 + TYAN Transport SX TN70A-B8026 Arrives For Linux Benchmarking

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    Can't wait for test results. I have been waiting since the announcement and would like some help in deciding whether Epyc or Threadripper is the way to go; Especially when planning to go GPU heavy. If only 2xCPU + 4 or 5 PCIEx16 were available ......


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      Still hoping Titan or supermicro makes a workstation compatible mobo so I can have a desktop with absurdly high memory bandwidth and capacity for chrome and Firefox to use. And the occasional development


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        Originally posted by Michael View Post


        Actually Tyan has always been a great company dealing with Phoronix given their significant Linux interest from customers. Going back to ~2005 they were sending out boards and helping with processors. But then I thought my main contact there had left so fell out of contact with them, but turned out to not be the case and only discovered that a few months back so have been in contact the past few months. And then finally got the right connections/approvals made at AMD recently for EPYC following the Ryzen Linux situation, etc.
        Tyan is a good company overall. In my experience they are surprisingly reliable compared to other vendors. (such as Dell)


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          Are these test units on loan or was just up and given to you for testing? I am sure a lot of us are drooling over your new toys. LOL

          Request for a EPYC vs. Threadripper blog post comparing the two for a high end workstation for doing work and then doing gaming after hours. :-)

          I have been reading where threadripper is good for gaming and streaming to at the same time.

          Can you please post results of any Linux problems. My next motherboard will be one the supports Linux OS systems without any features missing due to winblows(MS Windows) only drivers.
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            Request for idle power draw. I think you do measure powerdraw while doing the tests, but I am also intrested in idle powerdraw. This is importment for a workstation use as most of the time they are just displaying a simple GUI of a webpage or IDE coding. Two different idle tests: One server config where it just boots into a cursor waiting for login. The other is workstation config where it just boots into the default GUI desktop waiting for the mouse to do something.


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              Originally posted by tiwake View Post
              what I'm curious about: when can mere-mortals like us buy such components?
              You could try these guys:


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                I understand the fact that thorough testing takes its time, however, I don't like that fact....... can't wait ...