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Talos II POWER9 Workstation With OpenBMC, PCI-E 4.0 Up For Pre-Ordering

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    Originally posted by JustRob View Post

    There's a Presentation about POWER9 performance here: .

    There are 24 Cores and SMT8 coming, like many 2S MBs you'll want to buy 2 CPUs or all the board's features won't be enabled.

    I assume Raptor's MB uses a standard Power Supply, it should have a voltage switch. Standard POWER9 Motherboards (from other companies, that follow the OpenServer Spec) use a Lunchbox (supplies 48V), details here: unless you put it in an OpenRack sized rack.
    SMT8 tops out at 12-core in P9. An SMT8 Power9 core is effectively two SMT4 Power9 cores fused together for software licensing reasons (ie, reducing license costs on per-core licensed software.) These SMT8 cores are unlikely to show up in OpenPower at all and are really oriented toward AIX/iSeries users.