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Your Opinion of Silenx CPU Coolers

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  • Your Opinion of Silenx CPU Coolers

    I?m looking at possibly buying the Silenx IXC-92HA2 CPU Heatsink. I have heard that other people have had problems with Silenx. One guy stated that in the past they have been guilty of ?re-bagging cheap ass fans and then selling them at outrageous prices and also signing up on forums on the sly trying to push their products?. I would like to hear of anyone else?s experience with the company and there products.

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    They make good products -- albeit overcharging .. and have some baggage in their history a while back with the founder using multiple accounts on silentpcreview's forum, which is what really gave them the bad rep... maybe they deserved it then. But their fans now are actually really good nonetheless. Even if their fans are OEM'd, they seem to be unique enough as I can't find the same design elsewhere.

    As for the heatsink, they appear to be using Xigmatek's "direct touch" heatpipe design. Not sure if they OEM'd or licensed it from them as well. You can read a review of that (same place where they were banned)