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How much further can I overclock here?

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    Originally posted by rana99 View Post
    I know that kills the warranty, but just how much thermal overload and over voltage can I reasonably expect the Phenom architecture to take before I have a puddle of molten silicon on the bottom of the case? Or more directly, I know the warranty is 3 years, which under normal operating conditions (below 1.3V and below 61C) will keep my processor in fine shape. But how far beyond the "limits" that AMD has stipulated can I go safely on the stock cooler? I've seen 1.45V on stock air cooling listed elsewhere but what about thermal limits.

    I wouldn't go anything over stock voltage with the stock heatsink. OC'ing BTW does not void the warranty on the BE processor. As well, if you hit the thermal limits of the proc it will either simply lock up / blue screen / etc or shut down.